Wild Flowers of California & Arizona

During a recent trip through the Sierra Nevada moutains, the Deserts of Arizona, Death Valley, Lake Tahoe
and the San Francisco Headlands I took photo's of the following wild flowers.....

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Image 29.JPG Image 26.JPG Image 23.JPG
Clarkia, Wrights Lake, CA Mule Ears, Marin Headlands, CA Desert Paintbrush, Death Valley, CA
Image 28.JPG Image 05.JPG Image 03.JPG
Californian Poppy, Marin Headlands, AZ ???, ???, AZ Desert Gold Poppy, Phoenix, AZ
Image 15.JPG Image 07.JPG Image 19.JPG
Beaver Tail Catus, Doland Spings, AZ Beaver Tail Catus, Doland Spings, AZ Goldern Evening Primrose, Death Valley, CA
Image 21.JPG Image 20.JPG Image 22.JPG
Goldern Evening Primrose, Death Vally, CA Phacelia, Death Valley, CA ???, Death Valley, CA
Image 24.JPG Image 27.JPG Image 25.JPG
Gilia, Death Valley, CA Lupine, Marin Headlands, CA Brodiaea, Marin Headlands, CA
Image 30.JPG Image 32.JPG Image 31.JPG
Tiger Lilly, Wrights Lake, CA Crimson Columbine, Wrights Lake, CA Leichtlin's Mariposa Lilly, Wrights Lake, CA

Photo's Copyright © 2001-2003 Yorick Phoenix, All Rights Reserved

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