Below are a selection of photo's that I have took when I lived in the Cayman Islands.

Azure Breeze is a bunch of villas that I lived at with Michelle when we first moved there.

Eagle Ray Bay is the house that we built when we wanted our own home on the beach.

Lucy & Tiger are are two pets. Lucy comes from the Oakland SPCA and Tiger was found abandoned in Grand Cayman.

The Triathon took place in November 2000 in which we entered a team consisting of myself, Michelle and her Dad.

There are also some general pictures of Grand Cayman if you want to see more aspects of the island.

New additions are a Calendar I created for 2005. If you like it you can buy it here.

Finally is a set of wildflowers from California and Arizona.

Azure Breeze

Eagle Ray Bay

Lucy & Tiger


[Lucy Dog]


Grand Cayman

2005 Calendar

Flowers of CA & AZ

Smith Cove

Flowers of CA &AZ