Below are a list of companies that I regularly buy stuff from. If you buy stuff from them as well and you are not already using somebody elses affliate link to them I would appreciate you using mine.

What this means is that I get a very small percentage of each purchase that you make through these stores. I don't get much, but it all helps towards the cost of hosting this site.



PS: If you don't buy stuff from these stores, check them out anyway as they sell cool stuff.

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Amazon, for all your Book's, CD's, Video, or any other needs!

iTunes Music Store

iTunes Music Store for all you MP3's


SaferBuilding Factsheets, Disclosures & Certification

CSN Sheds

Get a Garden Shed, whatever your needs from CSN Sheds!

Spam Arrest

Protect yourself from SPAM with SpamArrest!

Hypnosis Downloads

Self Hypnosis in the Privacy of your own home!

10 Quick Steps

10 Quick Step Guides to getting things Done!

Organic Clothing

Organic Clothing & Linens from Gaiam

Original T-Shirts, Hats, Calendars or design your own @ CafePress!


Cheap Calling Cards to anywhere in the World from NobelCom

Print Digital Photographs

Print your digital photographs, get high quality paper prints @ Shutterfly

Magazine Subsciptions

Discounted Magazine Subscriptions @ great prices from NetMagazines

Sierra Club

Help Save Nature, and Enjoy it too! Join the SierraClub.

Magazine Subsciptions

Cellphone Ringtones, Weather Reports, etc.

Electric Powered Vechicles for land and water

Domain Registration

The Sharper Image

Cool gadgets and toys from the SharperImage


Web Hosting - these people host this site, check out DreamHost.

Home Automation for your SmartHome


Zip / Jaz Disks and drives plus HipZip MP3 Player from Iomega

Online printing of Business Cards, Mugs, T-Shirts, you name it, they iPrint it!